Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MP3Sale Offers Extra Bonus

For the last couple of months I wasn't happy with MP3Sale - frankly speaking the service was unstable. I think they lost some of their clients, and lately decided to change the situation and make users happy by offering
which basically means a doubled value of your balance with the help of a gift code.

So here's what you need to do:

Bonus code can be activated by ANY user, registered prior to July, 1st.
You can activate this bonus code only once within one month, starting from July 21. (So, the last day you’ll be able to activate it - will be 21, August 2008)
In case, if your current balance is lower than your last real deposit - you’ll recieve bonus equal to your last deposit.

After activation of this bonus code, your balance will be doubled up.

The bonus code is DOUBLE

You can activate it from “Add To Balance -> Bonus Code/Pin Code activation” - just enter “Double” in the “code” form and press “Continue”. Your balance will be updated within 5-10 minutes.

Visit, activate and enjoy!

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