Sunday, July 06, 2008

Digging Cheap Legal MP3 Music

Hooray! I've found yet another website providing cheap and legal mp3 music download. Name of the service stands for Sound Klondike - it is a gold mine for those searching for cheap and legal songs and albums.

Tracks cost $0.15 per track, but actual price may be even lower! Here's a trick - the service offers bonuses for deposits starting at $20. For example, if you add $50 to your account, you get a bonus $50 worth. That means that track now costs you only $0.075! The same applies if you add $20.

Website interface is very pleasant, and the database contains 1,500,000+ tracks orginized in a clean catalog!

And here's the main prize! After you register you get 2 (two) free songs! Seems like an interesting offer? Ready for a gold rush?

Go to Soundike


Donna said...

A poster on the site says that if you deposit $15 you get $0 bonus, $20 deposit will get you $10, and $50 will get you $50.

StereoBalls said...

yep, that's right! Thank you for the information, I've updated the post accordingly