Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Using Prepaid Cards with Music Sites

Can I trust Soundike.com with my credit card and is it legal and safe to use?
What if Russian MP3 website steals my credit card details?

Those questions are quite often raise when you search for a good music site that sells legal mp3. Most of the cheapest mp3 websites are Russia-based. Some people are afraid to give away their credit card details to Russian companies because of the fraud, and other criminal issues that might cause. It is one of the main problems stopping people from downloading cheap and legal mp3 music from those websites.

There are several solutions out there that you may consider. I have described one of them earlier, it's about using PayPal to pay secure on any music site.
You can also use prepaid credit card to pay.

A prepaid credit card account is opened by depositing money into that account, much in the same way you would make a deposit to open a checking or savings account. Once you have money in your account, you're issued a prepaid credit card that can be used anywhere one would use a regular credit card. The best part of the prepaid credit card is that you can charge to your heart's content and you won't be in debt. The money is yours and once it's gone, you can't spend any more until you make another deposit. There are no bills and no interest charges. It's the same principle as using a debit card linked to a savings or checking account.

There are an increasing number of prepaid credit cards being launched. Some are specifically targeted at teens, and are available to under 18’s whilst others offer fully branded prepaid Visa or MasterCards with Chip&PIN capability and high reload limits. Many of the prepay products available have different pricing structures and fees, and it can become difficult to select the product that best suits your needs.

You can read more and compare prepaid cards here, choose and apply - here.

With your prepaid card you can go ahead and download your favorite music at a very low prices from various music sites like:
Soundike | Soundike Review
MP3Panda | MP3Panda Review
LegalSounds | LegalSounds Review
MP3Sale | MP3Sale Review

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