Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unlimited MP3 Downloads at MP3Fiesta

MP3Fiesta, well-known mp3 website, is now offering more than just cheap and legal mp3 music downloads.
Till May 31 you can sign up for one of the three membership options giving you access to unlimited music downloads for various time periods.

You can get Silver, Gold or Platinum Accounts. All of them allow you to download unlimited mp3 for free. Difference is in time period of the membership.

Silver Account gives you unlimited downloads for 6 months, Gold - 12 months, and Platinum - lifetime membership! Also, on Gold and Platinum accounts you get dedicated technical support, and ability to order albums not yet presented in the database.
Silver account costs $95, Gold - $150 and Platinum is $250. The offer is valid till May 31st, so take your chance to sign up for unlimited mp3 music downloads!

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Jen said...

Have you had any trouble accessing MP3Fiesta as of late? Site says it's down for maintenance.

what do you recommend as a good alternative?

StereoBalls said...

Yes, mp3fiesta seems to be under maintenance. Meanwhile you can use mp3panda (mirror-site of mp3fiesta), or soundike (which is one of my favorite)