Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MP3Panda is Down: Official Announcement

Couple of days ago, official representative of MP3Panda (also known as MP3Fiesta for a long time) said that the site is 'no longer active', and they decided to 'give up'. Reasons are still unknown, but some say it's all about RIAA fight against so called 'Russian MP3 Sites' - dozen of resources providing cheap and legal mp3 music run by russian enthusiasts.

That means that we have lost one of the largest mp3 resources. MP3Panda is down, but don't be down! There are several mp3 sites out there to become a real alternative to the site (remember allofmp3?) - you can find good reviews of cheap and legal mp3 sites at Badbee site.

Stay tuned for more information on MP3Panda and other MP3 sites.

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